Salford tier 3

Salford is one of many cities remaining in the ‘Tier 2’ category as the government attempts to limit the rising COVID-19 cases, particularly in the North West.

The Greater Manchester region as a whole has a total of 12,872 Covid cases, being one of the most heavily affected areas in the country.

Below are Covid cases for each respective borough in the Greater Manchester region:

With Salford having 4,628 cases, it is one of the most affected areas in Greater Manchester.

Although Salford City Mayor Paul Dennett has called for more support from the Government if possible ‘Tier 3’ sanctions are put in place.

The Mayor posted on Twitter: “Our workers, businesses and residents need full financial support if the government are insistent on pursuing further restrictions in the North”.

Salford had initially succeeded in limiting the amount of COVID-19 cases.

Over the Summer cases were on the decline, but a recent spike in people testing positive for the virus allowed for records to reach a new high.

The governments’s handling over COVID-19 had been put under scrutiny by Salford City Mayor Paul Dennnett and also Mayor of Greater Manchester Andy Burnham, with Burnham calling Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s handlings as ‘Disgraceful’ and ‘Disrespectful’.

You can track the history of COVID-19 in Salford in the timeline below:

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