A singing group in Salford have continued their classes virtually for seven months since lockdown.

Salford City Singers, who usually meet at Swinton Gateway on Chorley Road, Swinton, were forced into remote rehearsals in March.

The group meets via Zoom every Thursday between 18:30 pm and 20:00 pm.

Estelle Silverberg, the chair of the group, said: “It’s great to be able to meet on Zoom each week and keep in touch with each other.

“It’s also good to sing and learn new songs.

“Thankfully, I would probably say this has been our best year yet, as we have moved online and kept together and also gained a new member.”

Credit: Estelle Silverberg

Silverberg has been a member of the singing group since 2013 when it was called Start Choir.

The group became constituted in 2015, where they developed the name Salford City Singers.

The group describes themselves as being all about fun and friendship, promoting good mental health and wellbeing. They also stress that no experience is necessary.

Silverberg commented that her most significant achievement was becoming the choir group’s chairperson.

She added: “The best thing about being in a choir is that you get to sing with a great group of people who become your friends and look out for you.”

Due to current restrictions, the group currently has no plans for upcoming performances but will continue to meet virtually.

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