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Plans for a new solar farm and hydroelectricity source in Salford have been approved, with construction set to begin in Summer 2021.

Back in February, Salford Now reported that plans had been proposed by Salford Council to construct a new state-of-the-art solar farm on Kenyon Way; a large green space in the Little Hulton area of Salford.

Kenyon Way, in the Little Hulton area of Salford: the proposed site for a brand new solar farm in Salford.

In an official statement issued by Salford City Council, a spokesperson said: “The plan is to build a 3.79-hectare solar farm with 5,094 solar panels at Kenyon Way Little Hulton which should generate the equivalent of enough power for 438 homes a year.

Work to build the state-of-the-art farm will take approximately five months and contractors are expected to start on site in 2021.

Planning permission was approved for the site in June 2020.

Early estimates show that the plans will see 438 homes powered by solar energy provided by the new farm, courtesy of 5,094 new panels. In addition to this, it’s hoped that up to 200 properties will have their power generated through the new hydroelectric scheme.

However a host of concerns had been raised by locals over the proposals: one such query was whether or not the environmental proposals would affect local travel routes, like paths and fields, without being adequately replaced.

Local Councillor Derek Antrobus has attempted to assure residents this would not be the case: “The main issue was about informal paths being blocked off so we insisted that new better routes be incorporated.”

Upon surveying the area, it was concluded that “a good link between Kenyon Estate and Cutacre Country Park” was still present.

Cllr Antrobus added: “Both schemes are producing green energy which is less polluting and makes a big contribution to combatting climate change.

“The income from the scheme will pay back the money spent on it and more.”

The environmental plans also have the complete backing of Salford Mayor Paul Dennett, who has appeared to be very vocal and supportive of Salford’s ever-increasing plans to be more environmentally friendly.

Dennett says: “We are passionate about the environment and proactively looking at opportunities to help us achieve our long-term vision which includes to be carbon neutral by 2038.”

You can listen to our 60 second summary of the plans below;

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