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Covid-19 Zoom art classes are turning lockdown into a colourful experience with new skills and challenges to be discovered.

Hannah Brown founded Humbug Art in 2018 in Eccles to help provide art lessons and workshops to those living in the local community.

Hannah founded Humbug Art to inspire people to get in touch with their creative sides, no matter how experienced or inexperienced. During the pandemic, it has been especially important.

Inside the art studio Image credit: Hannah Brown

Since the closure of the art studio, it was a struggle at first to figure out what to do, until Hannah decided to change to affordable or free online classes.

They also offer an Art Brunch on a Sunday morning and an Arts After School Club on a Thursday over Zoom, as well as Art for Enjoyment classes every Wednesday over Zoom.

Artwork created in the studio before its closure Image credit: Hannah Brown

The online lessons are offered both as one to ones or as a group session over Zoom with a demonstration screen. After each session, artwork from participants are collected and photos of them are posted on their social media.

They also did a weekly ‘Let’s STAY CREATIVE’ art challenge which became very popular with new and old members. Every week, a new theme was presented for the challenge and was a hit with people during lockdown and provided some creative art throughout.

Children and teens with a creative streak can get involved with the Arts Award programme offered online. The programme offers Discover, Explore, Bronze and Silver levels and those who participate will receive a qualification and certificate at the end of their project completion.

Hannah explained: “Making art gives us purpose and aids our wellbeing. It allows us to express our feelings, concerns, thoughts and ideas in unique ways.

Creating art should by no means be easy, learning new skills and techniques can be challenging, but ultimately when it goes right, the results are rewarding.

I often tell my students not to fear making mistakes.

More artwork created in the studio before its closure Image credit: Hannah Brown

Mistakes are helpful and enable us to develop into even better artists. Whether it is painting, sculpture, print making, textiles, drawing or performance arts and creative writing, engaging in a creative practice is a positive and essential part of being a human being.

During lockdown, we have relied heavily on the arts as a way of coping with isolation and more recognition and funding should be allocated to arts organisations in the future.”

To contact go to:
Facebook Group – Eccles Art Classes

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