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This year the Covid pandemic has had a significant impact on the people of Salford, with thousands of cases being recorded.

When Covid rates started to reach alarming rates earlier this year, the government announced a national lockdown on March 23rd.

Businesses across the country were ordered to close and people were asked to stay at home with only essential resources remaining open.

These restrictions remained in place for a couple of months when on May 10th the rules were lessened and people were told that they were able to go outside more often and visit members of other households.

As cases across the country began to fall, emphasis began to focus on the economic toll that the first lockdown had taken as Chancellor Rishi Sunak announced the Eat Out To Help Out scheme.

Members of the public were encouraged to support businesses by eating at restaurants and cafes at a 50% discount rate supported by government funding.

Businesses across Salford took part, including The Alchemist at Media City and local venues like Blacksticks restaurant in Eccles, with the scheme being in place until the end of August.





Coronavirus cases soon began to rise again with Salford and other locations in Greater Manchester, like Oldham and Bury, being particularly effected. This lead to a three tier system being introduced across the country.

Greater Manchester was originally placed within the Tier 2 restrictions but due to mounting government pressure and a sharp rise in cases this was soon upgraded to the most stringent Tier 3 policy.

As the coronavirus pandemic has continued to worsen in recent weeks and cases in Salford are continuing on a steady rise the government issued a second national lockdown last Wednesday in hopes that this will make rates drop.

Only essential businesses are open to the people of Salford with members of the public being told to stay at home as much as possible. It is advised that people only leave home for reasons like education or work with outdoor exercise also being permitted.

The lockdown is expected to last until December 2nd however this depends on how much the situation improves in the next four weeks.

For information on local businesses that are offering take-out orders to people across the city please visit the link below.

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