With Salford heading into tier 3 and pubs being told they still cannot open for business should shops be able to continue with the Black Friday event?

Many shops have coped with months of closure, and with the annual event creeping around the corner, people have mixed views on whether Black Friday should go ahead.

We spoke to Salfordians about their opinions and whether it should be postponed until shops re-open next week.

Joanne Longson, 28, said: “I do not think it should be postponed as this year has been the only peaceful and non-violent black Friday we’ve had for years.

“Companies have had large and extended amounts of opportunity and advertising to continue the event online and its maybe a good idea in the future, as it does not involve violence and crime”.

Some local businesses, despite only being open for click collect, have managed to organise sales with the intent to help their local community.

Jopper Services, a grocery store based in MediaCityUK said that they will be participating “to help anyone that has lost income afford our services”.

The concept of Black Friday was introduced in 2010 by online retail giant Amazon, who promoted a huge range of discounts and deals.

It wasn’t until 2013 that the British public sparked interest at which time a fight broke out in Asda over televisions and gadgets, during its own Black Friday sale.

According to the latest Black Friday survey statistics, Brits who are going to take part in the shopping sprees are planning to spend 18% more than last year, with an estimated amount of £295.67.

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