Tree dressing day

If there’s one thing Salford has in abundance, it’s beautiful parks and green spaces. This makes it the perfect place to celebrate Tree Dressing Day on the 5th and 6th of December. 

Tree Dressing Day will be celebrated in Salford through an event at Light Oaks Park, organised by Natalie Rossiter, the founder of Brew Walks and a Forest Bathing Practitioner, helping people be mindful through nature.

It will take place on the 6th of December at 11:30am but people who want to participate can do so at any park of their choice. Participants will be given access to audio which will guide them through their walk.

You don’t have to participate at Light Oaks Park, any park in Salford will do.

Tree Dressing Day was started in the 1990’s, by a group called Common Ground.

It’s all about bringing the community together around nature. I spoke to Natalie Rossiter about where the traditions come from.

“A lot of the traditions come from all around the world, lots of different cultures so there’s lots of different ways of embracing Tree Dressing Day but basically what this one is about is taking some time to be in nature, be mindful in nature.”

How to Participate in tree dressing day

Decorating the trees is easily done, you can purchase a tree decorating kit through the event organiser.

“We’ve got these little discs that people will have painted or written on with felt tips. We also have dried leaves like this. You don’t have to decorate them, you can just draw on a dried leaf if you want, whatever people want to do.”

The Importance of Community

Light Oaks Park is very important to the surrounding community and there is hope that the event will help lift the community spirit.

“I think people really realised how important community is, so being able to do something as a group, together, something that we can all celebrate will massively help. This year there’s been a lack of fun and a lack of joy for a lot of people so it’s just something we can do.”

The day is open to people of all ages and everyone is encouraged to get involved. Participants also don’t have to have experience in decorating and arts, it’s all about having fun and adding some joy into the park.

“They don’t have to be anything really fancy or you don’t have to be good at art so it’s just about having a bit of fun really expressing yourself a little bit and hopefully it’s something that people can do quite easily.”

Keeping The Event Going

Although the event is scheduled to take place at the proposed end of this second lockdown, Rossiter still believes the event can go ahead if lockdown is extended.

“The events that I’ve been running before all had a walking element, and that has pretty much stayed the same, were all Tier 2 and Tier 3 appropriate. If lockdown is extended, I think it’s still possible cause everyone will still be walking by themselves in the park.”

Supporting the Community

To extend the community spirit that surrounds Light Oaks Park, a portion of the profits made from this event will go towards the upkeep of the park.

“This isn’t a big money-making event, that’s not the intention but it’s really just a gesture of goodwill. I enjoy the park all the time and so do my neighbours. People from the community help with so many things working and painting the tea-osk and planting the bulbs and all that kind of thing so the community spirit is a big thing.”

To participate in the event, click here to buy tickets and get involved.

Listen to my full interview with organiser, Natalie Rossiter, here:

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