A fun bake-off between five baking novices has raised more than £1,100 for charity.

Last Sunday (22nd November), Richard Caulfield, Warren Heppolette, Hayley Lever, Claire Slade and Kat Pursall took part by baking cakes from home to raise funds for the Mustard Tree, which does a lot of work in Salford and recently opened a new branch store in Eccles.

Trustee at the Mustard Tree, Richard Caulfield, took part in the bake-off and revealed how the idea came about on Twitter.

He said: “Two weeks ago it was my daughter’s birthday and we agreed as a family to do a family bake-off at home, and as a bit of fun I put the pictures of the cakes we baked on Twitter.

“Warren made some funny comment about seeing my cake as he knew I had never baked before, Alison Page from Salford CVS (another Salford charity), who knows us both, saw this and said she’d donate to Mustard Tree if we both agreed to bake the next week, which we agreed to do.

“Then three people connected with us on Twitter who had also never baked before also wanted to join in and from there the Just Giving page was set up.”

Claire Slade’s Entry. Image Credit: Claire Slade Twitter

The five bakers have raised £1,185 so far and Caulfield said this was beyond any expectations.

“I just thought we’d (the five bakers) put in £20 each and it would be £100 we’d make, but it turns out it’s over a grand we’ve raised,” he said.

“The fact is it was a group of people just laughing about on Twitter and then the next thing we’ve made £1000 for charity.

“The generosity of people to give us money for what we did is quite incredible and I can’t thank everyone enough for that, it will make a real difference to Mustard Tree.”

The rules of the day were that cakes had to be baked and a picture posted on Twitter by 5pm, with each baker being assigned a taster to taste the cakes and feed back their opinions to the judge Alison Page.

“It was a good day, it was a good laugh. There was a lot of Twitter banter between the group. I personally nearly had an absolute disaster but managed to rescue it at the last second, unfortunately it wasn’t enough for me to win!”

Kat Pursall commented: “I enjoyed the whole experience, apart from the actual baking! It was great to support such a fantastic charity.

“All of us involved were in a Twitter group genuinely cheering each other on and cracking jokes. I still don’t know how to boil an egg!”

Anyone wishing to donate can do by accessing the just giving page here.

Image Credits: Warren Heppolette Twitter (Left), Kat Pursall Twitter (Right)

The winning bakers were Kat and Warren but everyone taking part put in their best efforts with some better prepared better than others as Caulfield revealed.

“A funny story is that Kat was in Tesco with her husband, and while her husband completed the weekly shop Kat spent the whole time in the baking aisle, astounded by how many different types of flour there was!” he said.

Mustard Tree is a charity which focusses on homelessness and poverty in the Manchester and Salford, with branches in Central Manchester, Little Hulton and the new branch in Eccles, which opened recently.

“The new branch will build upon the previous work the charity has done in Salford and it will undoubtedly strengthen our presence in the area,” said Caulfield.

More information on the charity can be found on their website here.

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