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A charity for families of bereaved and life-limited children has been told that they will have to postpone their Salford 10k fundraiser until September 2021.

Reuben’s Retreat planned to run their annual 10k at MediaCityUK yesterday to raise money for their charity.

Their mission is to raise money to develop their retreat in Glossop, which offers emotional and practical support to the families who need it the most.

Fundraising champion at Reuben’s Retreat, Rebecca Denham, said she is “extremely gutted” that the charity run has been postponed until September next year.

She said: “We found out in October [2020] that the Salford 10k would be postponed until 5 September 2021.

“We didn’t personally cancel it; we received an email from officials informing us that it would be carried over until next year.”

Reuben’s Retreat located in Glossop, Derbyshire. Image: Rebecca Denham

She continued: “I had just started training for it too because I am not a runner, so I was quite impressed in myself for that.

“I only joined the team in September [2020], so it would have been my first real staff day out, and it would have been nice for us all to spend the day together.

“But knowing it is postponed, I just see it as an opportunity to train for longer, and it will be a great day when it happens.”

Reuben’s Retreat’s montage of their Salford 10k in November 2017:

Miss Denham said: “I have never done the Salford 10k before, but quite a few members of staff have done previous 10k’s and other marathons.

“Exercise and active sport is a great way for our volunteers to get involved in raising awareness and money for Reuben’s charity.”

Salford 10k at MediaCityUK 2019. Reuben’s Retreat participants finishing the race. Image: Rebecca Denham.

She laughed: “One of our colleagues does quite a lot of marathons, and I refused to sign up for one, so my next option was the 10k, and MediaCityUK is quite local for us all to get to.”

She continued: “Even though it would have been great to do the Salford 10k in November, the safety of the staff and volunteers is more important.

“We are following government guidelines, and if September [2021] is the date, then we will look forward to it then.”

Miss Denham explained a little bit about Reuben’s Retreat and what it is they are fundraising for:

The Salford 10k at MediaCityUK is not the first charity event Reuben’s Retreat has had to cancel this year.

Miss Denham said: “We have had to cancel all of our events this year that would normally go ahead, which is sad because all of the community enjoy them.

“But we haven’t wanted to hang our hats up and say right we cannot do anything because we can, and we can adapt.”

Although the Salford 10k cannot go ahead this year, Reuben’s Retreat has planned new ways to raise awareness and keep people active during the covid-19 pandemic.

Miss Denham said: “We have got a Santa dash which we are organising now.

“So you can run, walk or wheel, whatever you like, at any distance throughout December.

“In return for letting us know your time and distance, we will send you a special festive medal.

“It is to encourage people to get active and raise awareness and money for Reuben’s Retreat.”

She continued: “The awareness and money we do raise and how much it helps our families is just so rewarding.

“Despite lockdown 2.0, we are still here supporting our gorgeous families in any way we can.”

Salford 10k at MediaCityUK 2019. Reuben’s Retreat participant finishing the race. Image: Rebecca Denham.

Many of Reuben’s Retreat’s families are from Lancashire and Greater Manchester but offer support all over the UK.

If you are a family or know a family in Salford who needs support from the charity, please contact them on the following:

Telephone: 01457 680 023

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