Two Salford animal rescue charities are busy trying to protect pets from the effects of the Covid pandemic.

Many pets are still able to provide their owners with love, companionship and consistency during these uncertain times but some are suffering from upset or neglect.

The economic impact of the pandemic means many pet owners may become unemployed or on furlough which puts pets at risk of being abandoned. In addition, the increase in deaths due to the pandemic will leave more animals without owners resulting in an increased strain on rescue centres.

For pets such as dogs and cats which rely on strong relationships with their owners the sudden change in environment may lead to behavioural issues and damage their emotional wellbeing.

Irlam-based Animals in Distress, founded in 1967, aims to alleviate the suffering of sick and injured animals. The charity offers 24-hour rescue, veterinary treatment, neutering and a micro-chipping scheme.

The charity works with strays, abandoned animals, cruelty cases and road traffic accidents as well as offering long-term care to older animals. 

The rescue centre has supported many pet owners during this difficult time.

Neglected and Starved. The sanctuary works on nurturing animals who have been abused and neglected. (credit: )

Salford is also served by the RSPCA with a centre about a 15-minute drive away.

The charity is just a short minute drive from the RSCPA in Salford (credit: Google Maps)

The charity aims to provide quick and efficient care for the animals of Salford and with lockdown 2.0 coming into place and the nights becoming darker and colder, more animals are at risk.

Donations are always gratefully received by Animals in Distress. Pet food, saleable goods for the charity shops or 
even collecting recyclable aluminium cans. These items can be dropped off at the sanctuary or either of the charity shops, which are situated at 602 Liverpool Road, Irlam, M44 5AA or 177 Station Road, Pendlebury, M27 8BU.

Animals In Distress runs a 24-hour emergency service on 07850 605283.

More information can be found here


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  1. Hi myself and my work colleagues are worried about a young looking thin female cat that started to come into our work place last week eating crumbs from under the tables she could possibly be pregnant or had kittens as even though she is thin she has a slightly swollen tummy and teats we are feeding her several times a day as she always starving wolfing the food down,I have contacted cats protection but they cannot help we are struggling to get her to a vet due to working hours and whether she around at end of shift our big boss does not know we are feeding her so worry in case it gets stopped we feel even if she has a owner in the area she is not adequately looked after

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