Schools in Salford are getting involved with a campaign to spread kindness over the festival period.

Caritas Salford’s #miracleofkindness campaign, titled ‘No room at the inn – the #MiracleofKindness’ has one simple message, ‘In a world where you can be anything – be kind’.

As part of this campaign, catholic schools in Salford and beyond have been asked to spread kindness this season.

Assistant Head and year 5/6 teacher, Mrs Daly, from St Joseph and St Bede RCPS, spoke about how they got involved.

She said: “We have been busy supporting Caritas Salford’s #miracleofkindness appeal, which is asking catholic schools in Salford to spread kindness this advent.

“As a school, we have raised funds for Caritas Red Door Bury, through at Christmas raffle, Christmas Jumper Day, and generous donations. Our kind families have also donated tins of food to support Caritas Red Door and the work they do for the vulnerable in our community.

“As well as this, the children in Key Stage 2 have designed and made Christmas cards and have also written prayers for those who are either in local care homes or in hospital this Christmas and unable to be with their loved ones.”

They will be making sure that all of cards made will be quarantined for 72 hours before being delivered, to ensure everyone’s safety.

“The children have worked really hard in their classes to give back to others and spread some Christmas cheer at this exceptionally difficult time.”

Homelessness in Salford is a big issue, as shown in the infographic below.



Caritas Salford is a non-profit charity that provide support for those in need, including those who are homeless.

The organisation tweeted: “Every year, we help people get back on their feet. We’re inviting you to be a part of our Miracle Of Kindness this Winter and help someone realise their potential.”

St Ambrose Primary School, which is involved in the campaign, tweeted: “Year one have had their first road trip today in the minibus! 🚐 They delivered all the kind donations from our Christmas jumper day to Early essentials. An amazing £108.25 was also raised.”

See some of the children’s cards in the video below:

You can donate on their JustGiving page here or through their website here.

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