An Cadishead business owner is bringing joy to children with socially distanced Salford princess parties.

Georgia Goulden, 20, runs her own business, “Enchanted Princess Parties” which entertains children and brings their favourite characters to life.

It was established in January 2020 before the pandemic called for global restrictions.

For Christmas, Enchanted Princess Parties are offering selection boxes and they were also handing out advent calendars in the run-up to December.

They’ve added an Elf character: “complete with ears and a very ‘Who-villian’ nose” for their Christmas visits, and have partnered with local business, Cakes by P,  to provide Christmas treat boxes.

The virus has changed the way the Salford princess parties work.

Before the pandemic, Georgia would visit children in Irlam and Cadishead, either for birthdays or events, dressed as the child’s favourite character.

Georgia loves crafting and creates her own unique gifts for each child and also gets to personalise her costumes and styles her wigs, to ensure they are high quality and believable.

salford princess parties
Image Credit: Enchanted Princess Parties

When the Pandemic first started, Enchanted Princess Parties were undecided on what to offer the children of the local area.

She started offering digital services, such as personalised messages and zoom calls.

The princess has even helped primary schools to generate content to help children learning from home.

But with the ever-changing regulations and restrictions, Miss Goulden had to adapt again when restrictions were eased.

She said: “I then expanded the options available due to the lockdown guidelines and offered socially distanced doorstep visits which were incredibly popular and kept me busy, and also allowed me to keep making magic happen and hopefully brightening children’s lockdowns as well as my own!”

Socially distanced visits during the Coronavirus pandemic. Image Credit: Enchanted Princess Parties

Unfortunately due to the recent lockdown in November, the princess parties stopped the doorstep visits again as Georgia explained: “I didn’t want to risk anyone thinking me and my business didn’t respect the guideline rules, however I still offered online services such as the zoom calls, working with schools and personalised videos.”

Georgia explained to Salford Now how grateful she is that she’s been able to adapt her business during the Coronavirus Pandemic and visit children when she could.

She said: “I think that they probably don’t realise the impact the Pandemic is really having so being able to visit them and make their days is really special.”

She shared some messages about things she’s achieved whilst working as a princess: “I’ve visited a few kids who had trips to Disney cancelled, I’ve created messages for kids who struggle with bullying and I’ve also had the privilege of being one of the final memories for a mother diagnosed with terminal cancer and her wanting to see her daughter meet her favourite princess which is just incredible and I’ll never always be so grateful that they chose me to help create those memories.”

Enchanted Princess Parties can’t wait to see what the New Year brings, they plan for new characters and are hoping for bigger and better party packages. Georgia can’t wait for her princess visits to return to normal.

She said: “Most of all I’m looking forward to being able to hug the children and listen to their stories without having to be 2 metres away from them! I look forward to what the new years brings and creating more magic!”

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