A Salford organisation is offering support for people suffering with mental health issues.

‘Talk about it mate’ is a peer support group run by Mike Richard who, after battling his own struggles with mental health, decided he did not want others to feel the same and decided to do something about it.

The organisation offers many routes of support such as an online peer support group for men which runs on Wednesdays from 6.30pm to 7.30pm which you can sign up to here.

Similarly, there’s a support group available for women called ‘Talk about it women’ which takes place on zoom on Thursdays and Sundays also from 6.30pm to 7.30pm.

Usually these support groups take place in person but due to the current social distancing regulations set in place because of the coronavirus, Mike has adapted and taken the sessions online.

Therefore, those who need the help and support still have access to this amazing organisation.

Discussing mental health is a very important subject as it allows people to share their problems instead of bottling up emotions which can in turn cause negative effects.

‘Talk about it mate’ takes away the taboo of discussing mental health issues within men and women and allows them a safe environment to discuss it in.

Statistically, men are three times more likely to die from suicide than women, men ages 40-49 have the highest suicide rate in the UK.

Therefore by having access to a organisation such as ‘Talk about it mate’, men have an easily accessible and an open minded outlet which they can turn to and talk about it.

Although for some it may be difficult to talk about their mental health, it is a very common issue within people of all ages background and genders.

Mike the founder of ‘Talk about it mate’ says through his peer support group ‘people can open up and explore those feelings in a safe space’, and in turn ‘can grow as people in a really positive way’.

Here is an interview with a local Salford resident who has shared her experience of lockdown and how it had effected her mental health:

There are many ways to actively take care of your mental health and here are just a few ways:

Piktochart made by Rutabah Khan

Recently Mike has started doing ‘Walk about it mate’ where he takes groups of people out for walks in the city of Salford.

This allows people to get out, do some exercise and clear their minds in a supportive and judgement free zone.

Here is an interview with Mike the founder of ‘Talk about it mate’ explaining what he offers to the Salford community:


If talking to someone is still a bit intimidating, Mike has launched his own podcast where he walks through the discussion to help ease people in to going out and speaking to others.

The podcast can be listened to anywhere on the go or in the comfort of your own home on any device here.

For anymore information you can check out Talk about it mate’s instagram @talkaboutitmate or their website.

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