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In the UK, a very widely accepted standard of food health and safety is presented by a sticker and people will likely recognise this sticker,

Food hygiene rating from the Food Standard Agency.

The sticker represents a food health and safety rating of a food outlet given by the Food Standard Agency(FSA). The FSA is government based and approved by experts in health.

The hygiene ratings have been given to many food outlets across Salford and helps to show the legitimacy of an establishment’s cleanliness standards.

During the pandemic, people’s health and safety are being placed as the country’s top priority and food outlets are being scrutinised to adhere to Covid-19 safety regulations on top of normal standards.

With this in mind, data was created to show a list of registered food outlets rated by the FSA and research compiling all the ratings from individual outlets has been created in Salford and which districts are performing the best.

Infographic of Food Standard Agency ratings around the districts of Salford.

In general it seems all of the main 5 districts performed well with the majority being rated 3 or higher, given exemption or uninspected.

I decided to ask the people of Salford whether they felt trust in the health and safety assessments in their local places and whether it made them more inclined to eat from local business during this time.

From most groups I had spoken with it was clear they trusted in their local places and the hygiene ratings support them.

More information on the specific science and method behind being food outlets safe is shown on the FSA website,


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