Salford students will be facing the truth of having to spend their Christmas period away from their families.

Whilst not a rare occurrence in previous years, the pandemic has left even more students far away from home.

A new poll from The Observer has found double the amount of people are expecting to alone this Christmas compared to 2019.

Aisha is an international student from Nigeria. She is studying for a masters in MA Public Relations and Digital Communications.

Aisha is spending Christmas up in Salford due to the Covid-19 restrictions. Orignally, Aisha hoped to spend Christmas with some family in London.

However, with latest tier four announcement, she’s is now left with no choice but to spend the time here alone.

She tells us how she is going to spend the big day and how she feels about the whole ordeal:



The University of Salford’s wellbeing service, askUS, has set up resources for students like Aisha to keep busy over Christmas.

It has a Facebook page: Salford Campus Connections, for students to find out about activities and events as well as easy access to support.

There’s also wellbeing tip sheets where people struggling can find guidance on what to do next.

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