Alex Mancini, attended Music and Performing Arts – Salford (MAPAS) from 11-16 years old, where he was part of the rock and pop rehearsals, and his first band was formed there. 

Eventually, the band was renamed ‘Unknown Refuge’ and will still part of the MAPAS community and they represented Salford in the Greater Manchester battle of the bands, having won the Salford battle of the bands heat Morgan Deveney, Drummer of the band also attended MAPAS.

The lads are grateful for all of MAPAS’s support.

“If the God’s be good” was inspired by Greek mythology.

Mancini, lyricist, singer, and bass guitarist for the band stated: “The idea of when sh*t goes wrong you blame other people and the idea that the roman gods weren’t exactly good …and weren’t looking out for the welfare of people, so I thought that idea of a god or a power that isn’t actually bothered about people.

The song wasn’t inspired by any particular God in general but was inspired by a few stories like Zeus and Posiden and Natural disasters.

Mancini stated: “Natural disasters kind of show for me, that there’s something going on that’s like not done with good intentions… [it] kind of puts your life in someone else’s hands and by the looks of it, it’s in the hands of someone that isn’t actually that arsed.”


The song was written a couple of years ago before Corona was relevant.

Mancini said: “There are a few of our songs where people have gone, oh is that what this is about? No, but it could be you can interpret how you like.

“It’s not how I intended it anyway, but if someone wants to read into it with their own meaning then y’know happy days!

Some of the songs tell a story and there isn’t very much to interpretation to do, it’s just outlining events and some of them are a bit more.”


Another one of their songs ‘Shadows’ came out a couple of months ago, which is more open to the interpretation of what it means.

Mancini explains: “Early on in their lives, they’d genuinely just be scared of the dark, and then come your 20’s it means something completely different and then by 50 it could mean something different again.

There’s something that everyone can take from it. My nan messaged me and was like, Oh you know I took a lot of meaning from it in this context and I was like, I haven’t even thought about it like that but she’s like 80 and had a different idea of what it meant than I did.

There’s no wrong ideas, I didn’t mean for it to be a definite this is what it means it was just kind of what I was thinking people can interpret it into their own lives how they like.”


Unknown Refuge is a band of 4 including; Alex Mancini, Morgan Deveney (Drummer), Harry Skinner (Guitarist), and Jack Tracey (Guitarist).

Alex founded the band with a different line-up, in the last 3-4 years it became Unknown Refuge and they’ve had a couple of line-up changes since then.

Unknown Refuge is in the hard-rock category, but there’s still influences from metal and groove metal.

Mancini stated: “Personally for me, it’s never been about being into a genre, it’s more writing what I’m feeling, thinking something sounds good and putting it into a song that kind of thing.

I never expected it to be more than pub gigs, or anything like that. I set off doing it because I enjoyed it and I enjoyed writing this kind of music and stuff like that. And it turned out a lot of people like it as well. Y’know happy days for that!”


Image Credit: Unknown Refuge


Image Credit: Unknown Refuge


Unknown Refuge has done a variety of different events including Wave stone, Dead Festival, and Prestwich.

They’ve also played in many Manchester revenues like Rebellion, Bang on the wall, and Grand Central where they’ve played with some big names.


Image Credit: Unknown Refuge


With most of their listeners being based in Greater Manchester they aim to branch out to other places.

Mancini explained: “We’ve started recording stuff… Working on getting all bands from all over the country and basically trying to get gigs further afield, Wales, Scotland, and London.

I’ve always enjoyed going and doing gigs and going to different places, usually, we either end up staying other or make a day of it. We all get down there early bring all our stuff get a couple of pints, we’ll set up and watch the other bands, we’ll play then pack up. Either watch the end of the show or drive home.



People can get in contact via Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram or their website

They already have 3 songs on Spotify and were supposed to be releasing another song in late January and then releasing the album in late January, but with Covid.19 had to be pushed back.

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