A taxi company based in Salford is doing their bit to help the local community by offering NHS staff members free lifts to and from work.

Taxi Transfers, ran by Stuart Ryan, was inspired to do this at the start of the pandemic in March 2020, when less people were using the taxi service.

According to Mr Ryan, all the vehicles are social distancing friendly and are safer for workers than taking busy public transport.

He said: “When the pandemic first started, we thought if we offered this service, at least they know they’re getting in a clean self-isolated vehicle where there is no cross contamination between the passenger and the driver.”

He claims there have been quite a few customers working at Salford Royal Hospital, one being a young man from Swinton, who uses Taxi Transfers on a Sunday when there isn’t a bus service.

Stuart said: “We have been and picked him up to take him to work early in the morning at half-past five, free of charge.

“We thought if we did something for our local NHS hospital, which is Salford Royal, we would give something back to the local community.”

Yet Taxi Transfers did not stop there with their community spirit, they also offer a click and collect shopping service for those who do not want to risk leaving their house.

With waiting lists for delivery slots being up to a month-long in Greater Manchester, the company recognises vulnerable people may be stuck.

Mr Ryan declared that he would even take a shopping list in himself, if one of his customers was in need of some groceries.

He said this idea came about due to his customer base consisting of disabled people, as his taxis are adapted for wheelchair users, most of which haven’t been able to get out and about in months.

The company have also introduced competitions in which their customers can win £50 shopping vouchers by calling their service from the freephone in Aldi.

This is their way of supporting others in trying times, where many people in the area have been left unemployed or furloughed.

Click here to visit their Facebook page for more information, or call them on 01613008299 to enquire about their services.

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