After the announcement of another national lockdown, Salford charity Kidscan children’s cancer research, have had to postpone events that they were planning for the early year and think of new ways they can raise money.

Since March 2020, charities have been unable to raise money the way they normally do.

Throughout the year events had to been cancelled as a result of Covid restrictions.

Hopeful for the new year, charities like Kidscan are just not able to fundraise in the way they did prior to Covid-19.

Unfortunately for Kidscan, most of their events have been cancelled.

Alison England, Community Fundraising Manager for Kidscan explains how Covid-19 and lockdowns have affected fundraising for the charity:

Alison said: “we tried to plan a Kidscan event; so that would be something from my point of view in terms of the community work that we would do.”

She added: “I would do maybe a ladies day; a big community thing but now that would be something I would start planning for around Easter time, It’s just not going to happen.”

The team at Kidscan have now had to think of news ways they can fundraise during the lockdown.

Alison explained: “What we have done is literally scroll the internet for things that are happening for instance, we are going to be doing something all based around British Science week; which is happening in March.”

Explaining further: “because we are a science kind of research charity we want to highlight the science and the work behind what we do, and throw a lot of work into that instead of the face-to-face things that we do. We are going to be running a virtual event online all based around science.”

Alison and the team are remaining positive about this new lockdown and the future of the charity with the continuing pandemic.

Alison said: “when the lockdown was announced the other night I thought oh no what is going to happen, firstly the kids not being in school and my job. We have worked hard as a charity and we are not going to allow it to affect us massively.”

“We have worked hard as a charity and we are not going to allow it to affect us massively.”

Alison continued: “We are all very positive. We’re all moving quickly, but we are still cautious, there is a nerve factor but we have some great supporters and team.”

She added: “We remain positive about how we will be at the end of the year.”

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