Dogs4Rescue, a Salford kennel-free rescue organisation, is currently raising £199,000 to buy 43 acres of land to help rehabilitate unwanted dogs.

Dogs4Rescue founder, Emma Billington, has successfully rescued and rehomed more than 1500 dogs using a cage-free approach since opening the rescue shelter in 2013.

The current site is home to 40 dogs and is only two acres of land, so the enormous potential to secure a 43-acre site that includes woodland areas, streams, and rolling hills for the dogs to explore, would be highly beneficial to helping the dogs’ behavioural problems and help their in-house training.

Emma explains the effectiveness the site, Sanctuary and Rehabilitation Retreat, would have on the dogs as: “The site would be the rehab centre so where dogs will go when they aren’t necessarily ready for homes. We will work on their behaviours and training and get them use to living in the little homes there, so then they’ll be ready to move down to our first site and then people can come and visit them there.”

“Because of a lot of the dogs we work with are extremely fearful of people it’ll be a very peaceful and tranquil place where they’ll live together, with us, and we will do all the work to rehabilitate them, so they’re not seeing random people.”

The mission for Dogs4Rescue is to show that there is a different way to care for unwanted dogs and to inspire change and revolutionise the dog rescue system. The dedicated Sanctuary and Rehabilitation Retreat, rescuing dogs and from the UK and other countries, would become a pioneering world-class rehabilitation centre, where the dogs would help to heal one another in a peaceful environment.

She said: “What we worked out, and which we didn’t expect, was that we’ve all been rescued by them [the dogs], our quality of life, my life is so much better because of these lot, whereas I thought I was doing it for them [the dogs], they were actually doing it for me.”

Dogs4Rescue’s Facebook page has become increasingly popular amongst the public as regular updates are posted about the dogs.

The non-profit organisation expanded their rescue searches to foreign countries, such as Romania, as they help to rehabilitate dogs from the UK.

Emma explains: “The UK dogs tend to be extremely antisocial, and any dog that ends up in rescue, the kennel system does create a lot of problems, so we needed a pack of stable dogs.

“They [foreign dogs] make the most wonderful pets because they haven’t been messed up by people, they might be slightly nervous of people, but you can rebuild that. The problems that we have of dog behaviours, tend to be the ones that have lived with humans, and they’ve learned separation anxiety, and aggression on leads, the foreign dogs that had to tend for themselves are just grateful, they make the easiest most lovely pets because all they want is food, safety, and to feel like they’re not going to be hurt.”

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