A Swinton Bridal shop is going mobile after multiple lockdowns during the pandemic forced their store to close.

Many weddings were cancelled when the country first went into lockdown, but as from the 29th March, up to six people, including the couple can attend a wedding. Then on April 12, that number will increase to 15. Jennifer Robins, who owned Jeravida Bridal Boutique on Folly Lane in Swinton, spoke of how the pandemic hit her shop:

“It virtually just stopped because once they heard that weddings couldn’t take place people just completely stopped looking for wedding dresses.

“Because I’ve got quite a lot of stock left…I’m hoping to do mobile service and I’ve got a couple of bookings already.”

Robins explained how the process of mobile bookings will work and how mobile dress shopping may not be as easy as it seems:

“They go on my website; they choose five or six dresses and then I go to their home with accessories, and they try them on at home.

“The problem with it is whether the wholesalers, the designers will let you buy their dresses on order without having an actual shop because before Covid, unless you had a shop, they wouldn’t sell you the dresses.”

Robins spoke of how special the moments when someone found their dress were:

It’s not just the dress industry that has been affected; Robins says that the whole wedding industry has suffered.

“It’s been very difficult for the bridal industry…you know beauticians, hairdressers even shops, bars and restaurants, the minute they’re able to open, they’re inundated with people…but with the wedding industry and wedding shops that didn’t happen”

With the recent Government road map announcement, it’s looking like big weddings will soon be back in full swing, with all social distancing rules hoping to be lifted by 21st June 2021.

Once they’re able, Jeravida Bridal Boutique will be on the road providing mobile dress appointments, to see some of the dresses on offer, visit them on social media @jeravidabridal.

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