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The weekly number of infections per 100,000 people in Salford fell by over 100% in the first week of March.

As vaccinations continue to roll out across the UK, the Coronavirus infection rate continues to drop.

Statistics posted on the website presents the latest figures from 4th March. It shows that the weekly rate per 100,000 people is down by 112.8%. and tests that are positive is down by 6.2%.

A message from Dr Muna Abdel Aziz, Director of Public Health, from the website, says; “Salford’s rate reduction has continued and this is a positive result of everyone playing their part”.

More statistics have been released this week, an official document from the NHS England presented to us shows how many vaccines have been rolled out in Salford over the past couple of weeks.

The rates from NHS England are as followed: for the first dose in under 65 41,241 vaccines have been rolled out and in the 65+ category 33,186. The second dose is significantly lower, under 65’s only 1,624 have been given out and 65+ only 1,378 have been given.

The cumulative total doses as of the 4th March 2021 in Salford is 77,430. With a whopping 90.4% who have had at least one dose!

As the national lockdown is slowly being reduced and some normality is coming back to society don’t forget to if you are vulnerable and are eligible for the Coronavirus vaccine to visit the NHS website here for more information if you would like the Coronavirus vaccine.

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