Walkden motorway junction has gone viral after a driving meme was shared on Twitter.

The image shows the sign for Walkden’s junction on the M61, with the caption ‘When someone gets in your car and starts criticizing your driving’ – playing on how Walkden sounds like ‘Walk then’.

Used with permission from the original poster

Created by a Liverpudlian Twitter user, the image was posted only two days ago on 6th March 2021.

Since then the image has received over 11,500 likes and nearly 950 retweets on Twitter by users from all over the world.

It has also been shared on various Manchester-based Facebook pages, such as ‘BanterKing’ and ‘ProperManchester’ where it has collectively had over 8000 likes.

Hundreds of Greater Manchester residents have found the meme relatable and hilarious, tagging friends and family stating: “This is you!”

With Walkden becoming the new Internet sensation, it looks like many will be walking into Walkden.

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