Salford Italian restaurant Vero Moderno is set to reopen on the 17th of May.

The Owner/Manager, Beppe, has hinted that “Most likely there will be a brand-new shiny menu waiting on the table for the customers.”

Hospitality venues around the country will be able to offer outdoor seating to patrons from the 12th of April. On the 17th of May, hospitality venues will be able to open fully, indoor and out. This news has come as a relief to many restauranteurs who have struggled during the pandemic.

Vero Moderno – Italian for ‘true modern’ – is an independent Italian restaurant located on the up-and-coming Chapel Street in Salford. The restaurant is one of many establishments that have faced uncertainty over the course of the pandemic, however, there seems to finally be some light at the end of the tunnel.

The restaurant prides itself on providing something away from the classic Italian dishes. Beppe explained the thought process behind Vero Moderno’s contemporary take on Italian food: “If I take you to Italy with me and we go out for dinner, I would not take you to a place that does carbonara or bolognese because you can do them for yourself at home.

“I’d rather get you to a place where you’d be surprised by a new combination of flavours than something familiar and that is what we try to reproduce at Vero Moderno.”


Looking back on the past year Beppe discussed some of the challenges posed by the pandemic.

Government schemes such as Eat out to help out and furlough have been integral to keeping hospitality businesses afloat during these times.

Created by James McGregor

On the Eat Out to Help out scheme: “It was good obviously for takings but mainly it has been good because it gave the people and customers and friends the confidence to come out and eat out again.”

On the subject of Furlough: “It has been great because, to be honest without it I would not have been able to keep everybody on board. With the furlough, we were able to optimise the rota and it helped in topping up the wages of our staff without making a loss.”

Taken from Vero Moderno Facebook. Used with permission.

Social media presence has been incredibly important lockdown months for businesses to keep their clientele engaged. Beppe spoke about his attitude to social media posting during the pandemic: “The news was more saying what to do and how to do it. We were saying, Vero Moderno is still here, we’re still alive, the tsunami hasn’t taken us under yet.”

Beppe opened up about what he has missed the most over the course of the year saying: “The thing I miss the most about all of this, being a local restaurant with many regulars, are the faces and the contact with what I call friends. You know I don’t call them customers anymore; they are friends to me.”

Vero Moderno are now taking reservations for their reopening on the 17th of May, you can book a table on their website HERE

Find Vero Moderno on Facebook HERE and Twitter HERE

You can listen to the interview with Beppe Here

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