Salford Survivor Project

Veteran Langworthy fundraiser 97-year-old “Fearless” Vera Green is walking 100 metres every day for 100 days to raise money for Salford Survivor Project.

The unstoppable pensioner plans to walk the 100 metre corridor of her housing complex 97 times to mark her age, and an extra three times to honour Captain Tom Moore.

In total, the mother-of-10 will walk 6.2 miles during the course of the 100 days.

She will use a walking frame to aid her venture as she suffers from osteoporosis and osteoarthritis and has had two hip replacements.

Salford Survivor Project, a charity that helps people suffering from physical, emotional and mental abuse, is in urgent need of funds to meet growing demand for its services created during the past year of lockdowns.



So far Mrs Green has raised £1,121 for the domestic abuse charity, an organisation close to her heart after she suffered abuse herself for many years.

She told That’s TV Manchester: “I had a bad husband, a very bad husband, because he was so cruel. I had that all my life. I was frightened of him, very frightened.”

Her goal is to reach £9,700 in donations during the 100-day challenge, so she can help others in that awful situation.

Edwin Green, Vera’s son, has been working to promote his mother’s daily achievements on his social media platforms in an effort to raise more money.

He spoke about his mother in a Facebook post as: “A legend, a national treasure and a Salford warrior. And to top it all off, she’s my mum.”

To donate, go to Fearless Vera’s JustGiving page here.

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  1. Jacqueline Waddington

    What a wonderful lady .
    A excellent and informative piece of journalism. Hope this amazing lady gets to her reach her target and people get behind her to reach her target.

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