Monton litter pick

Monton Village Community Association is launching a litter pick on Sunday 25th April.

The event will be taking place from 11am-12.30pm giving the chance for families to offer a helping hand to their community.

Litter bags and gloves will be provided from the Veteran’s shelter on Monton Green at 11am-12pm with the litter picking to finish at 12.30pm.


Credit: Leah Austin & MVCA

Leah Austin, coordinator of Monton litter picks in association with the MVCA.

Austin said: “I started litter picking with my three daughters as I think it’s really important to teach children about not dropping litter and about being responsible for making a difference in the world.

I clearly remember the ‘Keep Britain Tidy’ campaign when I was in at school in the 80’s which had a big impact on me and my attitude to dropping litter.

I still find it shocking when I see people dropping their rubbish on the street or out of their car window and regularly embarrass my children by confronting people about it.

I attended the MVCA meetings and the subject of increasing amounts of litter came up with more bars, restaurants and takeaways opening in Monton [and] volunteered to organise regular picks along with Carol Wakefield and Jan Phelan about four years ago.”

The main aim of this event is to “encourage local businesses to be responsible for the rubbish that they produce and keep their area litter free”.


Austin added: “I used the slogan ‘Love where you live’ and the Litter heroes’ campaign from Keep Britain Tidy to promote the event.

“The slogan seems to have stuck in the community and has been taken on by Salford council which is nice to see.

“The Busy Bee Gardening group maintain all the flower beds on the roundabouts and Monton Green and also do a weekly litter pick on all the greens and the canal side every Sunday from 10-12pm.

Anyone can come along and help with this too, they do a fantastic job.”

Busy Bee’s Gardening Group Credit: Leah Austin & MVCA

The last event was held in March 2020 people however, the gardening team have still been able to meet safely on Sundays throughout lockdown to litter pick around the green and canal side.

The event has become hugely popular over the years attracting different residents and can be done safely due to the event being outside and family-friendly. However, coronavirus restrictions still need to be followed e.g.: people can bring their own picks and gloves to use (if they have them) and maintain social distancing measures.


Love where you live // Keep Britain Tidy Credit: Leah Austin & MVCA

Austin says that “litter picking has become something that individuals and families take upon themselves to do, now more than ever.

Other schemes have popped up across Salford like Salford litter heroes which supports smaller picks and provides equipment.

I know families have purchased their own picks through lockdown and regularly incorporate that into their walks which is fantastic and teaches children about social responsibility.”


Volunteering opportunities are open to anyone and can do as much or as little time as they like to the MCA or attend the monthly meetings to see how it all works.

MVCA membership is £10 a year which offers amazing benefits such as: member discounts in shops and restaurants while supporting your community, funding events, helping charities, providing the Christmas lights and so much more!

Volunteers also receive a free hot or cold drink voucher, which is kindly donated by local cafes.

For more information you can visit the MVCA website or Facebook page, attend monthly meetings and become a member.

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