Since graduating from the University of Salford, Priya Matharu has found great success within the realms of radio.

Matharu has gone on to present for BBC radio and now presents her own show on Switch Radio, which won Gold at the Community Radio Awards 2020.

Matharu has always been an avid listener of radio and music, which led her to study journalism.

After her first show at the university’s student station Shock Radio, she fell in love with radio and it became form of escapism as an “intimate” yet “fun” platform.

She said: “My most important tip is to listen to radio and all genres. You’ve got to be a true fan of radio if presenting is your ideal route then having your own shows is the best way to start.

“Community radio, hospital radio or even the bigger companies – make a demo send it out, get feedback, build contacts and most importantly have fun.”

Success at University

She also explains that time management, 100 percent effort and asking for advice from lecturers aided her in securing a first.

During her time at university, she was awarded a Silver Best Specialist Music Programming award for ‘Desi Beats’ at the Student Radio Awards.

As well as making a number of TV appearances on BBC News and ITV News during Brexit offering her opinion.

Priya Interviewed by BBC news

Clearly showing that her strategy of giving herself time to do her assignments despite it tempting to leave them last minute, paid off.

She also worked at the Asian Media Awards in 2019 at the Hilton Hotel interviewing the likes of  Bobby Friction, Mobeen Azhar, Dharmesh Sheth and Rajiv Popat.

It’s evident that her hard work and dedication to career has given the former Salford student a kick-start to a very promising future in radio and will continue to carry her throughout her career.

 Who has Priya Matharu interviewed?

Her current show features Asian Music, interviewing upcoming artists in showcasing future talent in Asian music.

She has also interviewed well-established artists such as Jay Sean, Rishi Rich, and Nish.

Listen to the full interview below:

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