Free sanitary products are being given to students by the University of Salford’s sustainability team.

The team has partnered up with Hey Girls to give away period products to help promote equality and sustainability across the campus.

The products include environmentally friendly re-usable sanitary pads as well as menstrual cups. All of which are plastic free, organic and vegan.

photo from: HeyGirls

Not only does this help to tackle period poverty but also the current environmental crisis.

Marta Strzelecka, the environmental co-ordinator at the University of Salford, said: “Our main aim is to offer our students an opportunity to try out more environmentally sustainable, less wasteful period products.
“We want to see if our community members are interested in such products.”

Around 49% of girls in the UK have missed an entire day of school because of their period.

One in 10 girls aged 14-21 can’t afford period products and one in seven have admitted they have struggled to afford them, according to Bodyform UK.

At the moment the products are limited to one per person and can be collected from the Peel Park Campus.

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