With prom season just around the corner, Salford Survivor Project have set up a prom dress appeal to help pupils who face poverty enjoy a prom day that they deserve.

Manager of Salford Survivor Project, Jane Gregory, has said that: “We’ve had such a terrible time in the past year, people have lost their jobs, there has been a rise in poverty, people have to prioritize things at the moment. I feel like these kids have been through a lot, they’ve missed a lot of schooling and the fact they have a chance of having a prom but might not be able to go because their parents can’t afford it; I wanted to do something”.


The local businesses of Salford have been rallying around the project to help those in need, for example, “some have come forward and said that they would sponsor a ticket for a child or sponsor clothing. We’ve got beauticians, hairdressers and nail technicians that are offering to donate their services for a pupil”.

“We’ve been given some amazing donations; beautiful shoes, handbags, dresses. It’s just made me realise that these things are in need all year round”.

The volunteers of the charity have been raising money so that they can buy new underwear and toiletries for the pupils that are going to be using the appeal.

Jane Gregory, Manager of Salford Survivor Project, said that: “If anybody else wanted to get in touch because they’re desperate themselves, we’re more than welcome to help anyone. We help victims of domestic abuse when they’ve fled, they can come to the shop and they can pick what they need for their children or for themselves”.

The shop where they are based is called Butterflies Inspired by Angels and it is at 480 Liverpool Road in Eccles, M30 7HZ.

“The community spirit of Salford, it shows every time. Salford people are the are the salt of the earth”.

The charity is also extending into another mental health charity called Paul’s Legacy with Jane stating that: “I feel that these young adults have suffered tremendously with their mental health with the stresses society have at the moment, poverty is at its highest. There are people that are starving and have not got money for food because of the way that the benefit system works”.

To find more on the work Salford Survivor Project do, more information can be found here or if you can help to the appeal, please call 01617060468.



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