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The community magazine ‘Salford Star‘ has closed down after 15 years.

The closure comes after increasing financial pressures and unjustified time commitments.

New Order member, Peter Hook and actress, Maxine Peake, are just two of the hundreds of Salfordian residents to pay homage to the amazing work of the newspaper.

After 10 print editions and over 6,300 online articles, the archive is set to feature in the British Library, along with a physical edition at the Working Class Movement Library.

Journalist Stephen Kingston set up the publication back in 2006, as an independent, community ran magazine, written by the people of Salford for the people of Salford.

He said: “I think what comes across, mainly, is the spirit of the Salford people. I think that’s been shown over and over again in the articles we do on community groups.

“I haven’t served them, its them that’s served the cause of journalism. Not without people coming forward and saying, ‘I have a problem’. It’s not us that’s served the community, it’s the community that’s served us.”

“Its just reached the end of its days. The money ran out, there was absolutely no money left, not a penny.”

The site was originally meant to close last May, however Kingston believed it was important to inform the public on the updates on the pandemic. He continued: “It was relentless. It was seven days a week. I was up at half 5 every morning to get the Covid figures.

“People would phone you on Christmas day, Sundays, Saturday nights people get in touch. You’re there all the time.”

Along with running the site, Kingston has also volunteered for community projects working with the elderly and has driven the library bus for Salford City Council on a zero-hour contract. He has also worked as a freelance journalist for various papers and as a lecturer.

He followed: “Salford Star took up all the time, but didn’t bring in any money.”

He has also been credited as one of the most respected journalists in the UK by the NCTJ (National Council for the Training of Journalists).

Born in Bury, Kingston’s family has lived in Salford for over 150 years.

The newspaper put out the statement: “We would like to thank everyone who has contributed – those brave people who spoke out about their own situation, those who have donated funds and those who have volunteered their time to help the Star with articles, photos, merchandise creation, tech help or just general support. Thousands of Salford people have been involved in one way or another, and we thank them all.”

The website has been inundated with comments expressing support and thanks to the site’s 15 years of service.

One resident wrote: “Sad day indeed..but some serious victories for Salford and it’s residents in the 15 years .Congratulations and thanks for that.. Power to the People!”

Kingston continued: “We’ve had messages from Maxine Peake, New Order’s Pete Hook. The messages from the community have been phenomenal. Absolutely hundreds of messages.”

The journalist plans to continue his community work in and around Salford as well as continuing his writing career.

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