Chapati Café is the new Gujrati influenced café that has recently opened in MediaCity.

The café offers a variety of South Asian cuisines: Chicken Jalfrezi, Palak Paneer, Lamb curry, Samosas and their most popular dish Chilli Paneer.

Which dietary needs do they cater for?

The Chapati Café caters for a variety of dietary needs as there are vegan, vegetarian, halal, and gluten free options.

Chapati Café is one of the few places that offer halal meat in Media City directly sourced from a halal butcher, which is an amazing option for the Muslims in and around Salford

The café is open Monday to Saturday from 11:30am-7pm.


The interior of the café is bright and vibrant showcasing the culture and influences of where the food has originated from.



What should you order?

I went to chapati café to try some of their dishes myself. After speaking to Charlie Haynes, Chapati Café employee, explained the Chilli Paneer is one of their most popular vegetarian dishes and the Chicken Jalfrezi is a meat lovers’ favourite.


Photo credit: Pavven Kaur


Each dish is served with either rice, fries or chapati. I ordered a portion of vegetable samosas as starters which came with a variety of sauces: mango chutney, mint sauce and tamarind sauce. Along with the Chilli Paneer and Chicken Jalfrezi, I ordered a side of fries and chapatis.


Photo Credit: Pavven Kaur

The chilli paneer was fresh and flavourful it was garnished with coriander and chopped chillies; I would recommend it to someone who would prefer a meat alternative as the flavour was outstanding. The chicken jalfrezi came with a healthy amount of chicken which was cooked perfectly and was very soft, the flavours were authentic and lively.


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How Chapati Cafe adapted to Covid-19 restrictions?

Although the café has only been open for seven weeks there was a busy environment with customers constantly coming in and out.

Chapati Café was also able to quickly adapt to the Covid-19 guidelines. They offered an outdoor eating service with benches placed outside the café.

From the 17th of May Chapati Café were able to offer indoor eating services and have placed benches inside the café for customers to come inside and enjoy a hot meal.

What are their safety measures?

They have kept safety at the forefront with employees wearing masks and gloves at all times.  In addition to having hand sanitisers and the track and trace system in place for customers.

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