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Salford boxer Marc ‘Livewire’ Leach will be facing Thomas Essomba on Saturday 5 June at Sheffield Arena in a professional boxing super-bantamweight final eliminator to secure a shot at the British title.

Fighting out of Astley V.I.P under coach Jamie Moore and Nigel Travis, 27-year-old Livewire is set to compete in his first 12-round-fight.

Growing up in Broughton Marc started Thai boxing at Oliver’s Gym at a young age before transitioning to boxing.

Marc said: “My dad used to train a bit and when I became old enough. He took me down to the gym to do Thai boxing when I was six because there’s no boxing at that age.

“I’ve just stuck at it since. Eventually I moved over to boxing and now I’ve been fighting 25 years.”

Currently, Marc trains inbetween dropping and picking his kids up from school while working nights at a warehouse to support his family.

Selfie courtesy of Marc Leach

He also enjoys coaching both of his sons’ football teams in his spare time.

He added: “I’ve been fighting so long I don’t get as nervous anymore, but my spark is my kids. If I lose my fight, I know it will set me back another couple of years and I can’t afford to do that.”

After being represented as the underdog in his last fight, Livewire won a unanimous decision against Qais Ashfaq taking his professional record to an impressive 15-1-1.

“It was good for a change to have no weight on my shoulders, I enjoyed it the first time being on a big show like that,” he said.

“The better the opponent, the better I fight and it all worked out the way we wanted it.”

After being promised a shot at the British title three times and being asked to give up his English title, Marc recently explained his frustration via social media:



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Marc explained: “So I’ve won an eliminator and a final eliminator, then they told me to give up my English title to secure my British title shot, but instead they have decided to throw me into another eliminator.

“It’s a bit disheartening really because I’m 27 now and I’m not getting any younger, I have kids to feed and I’m not exactly making a living from boxing. I have to work another job too.

“The only thing I can think of is my face doesn’t fit, with the Ashfaq fight I was the underdog, they expected him to win.

“I know on my night I can beat anyone they put in front of me, I just need the opportunities to shine.”

Opponent Thomas Essomba isn’t new to 12-round fights but Marc believes he has the skills to overcome yet another opponent.

He said: “I’m not going to look for the big shots because he’s a tough guy. He’s been in with the best, I’m just gonna pace myself and if it comes it comes, if not I’ll win on points.

“After this fight, I can hopefully start fighting for the belts and bring them back to Salford.”

Fans can look out for Livewire’s new Salford entrance song which he will be keeping a secret until Saturday.

The fight will be streamed on the Fightzone TV app for £4.99.

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