Kidscan children’s cancer research charity will be holding a series of events and activities at Swinton Square Shopping centre.

Throughout the year, they will be bringing in new activities for people to get involved in. The events will begin this weekend and run throughout the year.

Swinton Square has partnered with Kidscan to help fundraise and raise awareness for children’s cancer. The first event will take place this weekend.

Alison England community fundraising manager said: “we will have two static bikes (set up) just outside of Asda in the shopping centre”.

The event will run between 5th and 6th June, starting at 10 am and ending at 3 pm. Members of the charity, business owners and other volunteers will be cycling 250 miles over the course of the two days. There will be a group of volunteers running the event on the day, hosting a raffle to get involved in.

Following off the back of their ongoing ‘Tour De Kidscan’ event, volunteers will take turns riding 30 minutes at a time to raise money for new research projects.

Ms England explained “it will mainly be staff and business owners that have signed up to cycle for half an hour each”

“We are following the government guidelines and have restrictions in place”

Swinton Square Shopping centre has partnered with Kidscan and will be running the events throughout the year. England explained it will be the first charity they have partnered with:

“They’ve never had a charity partnership before, this is the first time they will work with a charity”

It will be the first of many events running at Swinton Square, with a beach-themed event coming later in the summer. There will also be Halloween and Christmas events towards the end of the year.

Kidscan was founded in 2002, and aims to “fund and manages research into finding safer and more improved treatment for children with cancer”

“We are one of the only UK children’s charities that solely dedicated all of our research to children’s medicine for cancer”.

“Children receive treatment every single day, chemotherapy and cancer treatments, but many of those treatments were designed 30-odd years ago and predominantly for adults, so an adult receives chemotherapy they usually suffer from hair loss and sickness, but for a child it’s affecting all of their bodies and can leave them with lifelong and life-limiting side effects”

Kidscan is an independent Salford charity that works with families and children who are going through and who have been through cancer. They aim to find more evolved medicine to reduce the aftereffects of chemo on a child.

Ms England explained: “We work hard to find great scientists and great researchers who want to solely dedicate their lives to better treatments for children with cancer”

“We rely solely on the generosity of the general public, volunteers, local businesses and large corporations” Alison said.

Alongside their research, Kidscan is also hoping to offer an ‘ambassador support group’ to assist with the aftercare once a child has beaten cancer. Many of the current families that Kidscan works with have become ambassadors, helping to fundraise and spread the word about all the work they do.

Ms England said: “The ambassadors are the lifeline of Kidscan, we are forever grateful to them”

The after-treatment will hope to assist people from young ages to people in their forties who have dealt with the repercussions of chemotherapy and treatments as a child.

“Our motto is we want a child to survive and thrive and that is our end goal”

Provided by Alison England

To volunteer this weekend or at any future events you can send an email to Alison England at

Or to donate you can follow the QR code on the poster or pop down to Swinton Square Shopping centre this Saturday and Sunday to show your support and get involved with the raffle.

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