Social AdVentures have teamed together with The Broughton Trust to provide free confidence courses for Salford residents.

The four-week course will be held at The Angel Centre, St. Phillips Place, every Monday from 10.30 am to midday.

The course comes after the pandemic has seen many residents fearful about returning to normality, socialising, and getting out.

John O’Neill, from The Broughton Trust and creative director of Up ‘Ere productions, is running the course at the centre. He said: “We just feel the last 14 months have had a big impact on people… we’re aware that it’s not easy for everybody to just jump straight back in.

“People are starting to get back to normal, people are going back to work and school and seeing each other again.”

Mr O’Neill explained how the courses are intended to run. He followed: “It’ll be a lot of games, a lot of conversational work, a lot of working together again and work on the social aspects.

“We’re going to start with a basic introduction, talk about what’s changed during the last year. Then we’re going to play some confidence games, use creativity to build ourselves up, getting to know each other

“It’s safe, there’s no pressure, there’s no homework. Anybody is welcome to attend. As long as you live in Salford you are welcome to join us.

“It’s welcome to anyone. No matter ability, or skills. Everybody.”

As an actor, writer, poet and performer, the Salford-born creative stressed the importance of ensuring the whole community feels ready for the end of the lockdown. He continued: “The whole intention of it is, over four weeks, to give people the skills and tools to feel confident going back out and to the supermarket etc.

“It’s just how we can do our part to make people feel comfortable with the changes.”

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