A Salford student has had her vintage clothing brand recruited by Asos Marketplace.

Nineteen-year-old Naomi Okezie is a second year student who has made a breakthrough after selling clothing for about a year.

Naomi’s brand Angel Marketplace has been given a new platform and large range of customers after Asos Marketplace chose her to be a seller on its page.

Naomi said: “I was just thinking, Asos is big- there’s no way they’re going to pick me. They do a whole background check on you, they check your customer reviews, they check who you are as a brand, everything.

“They take it very seriously and I had less than 100 reviews, so I thought there was no chance.”

She has now quit her part-time job to commit to her business alongside studying for a degree.

Naomi started selling vintage clothes via Depop back in December 2019, but when her business had a surge in sales during the first UK lockdown, she created the brand Angel Marketplace.

She said: “In June when we were still in lockdown, obviously all in-person retailers were closed and everything was being sold online, so I saw an opportunity to boost my business as I felt there was a gap in the market. So it was then in June when I officially made a brand.

“And then in late October/November time I quit my job at Office and then started Angel Marketplace full time.”

She knew it was going to be a hit after famous influencer Imogenation bought one of her tops from Depop and featured it in a YouTube video. She said: “I remember my friend messaging me about it and then just shaking in my kitchen thinking no way. Within an hour of her posting the video the top had completely sold out in all sizes and that was when I thought okay, clearly there’s potential here.”

Naomi may open a pop-up shop in Manchester city centre over the summer. She said: “Not everyone wants to shop online, some people like to try things on in-store. I don’t want to go ahead and buy a whole shop because I can’t afford it and it’s too risky with Covid still going on.”

To purchase any items from Angel Marketplace, click here or search for them on Depop.

Behind the Scenes Video credit: Liv Halls @livahalls on Instagram. Models: @lydiajball- casted by @amandajmurphy, @kiara.clairr and @octavia_bx. Shot at @editorialstudiosmcr. Music by @musicbyconni.

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