Salford Red Devils players are lining up their defense against Covid-19 by joining the thousands of people getting their vaccine in Salford.

The Devils’ visited the Covid-19 vaccination bus at Salford Quays, based outside the Lowry Theatre. Some players got their first dose and for others it was their second dose.

In the sporting world, Covid-19 has affected normal activities considerably and led to the postponement and cancellation of a vast number of national and international events. Therefore, Salford Red Devils is doing their bit to get vaccinated in hope to get sports events back to normal and to keep everyone safe.

Image credit: Salford NHS CCG

First team starter 23-year-old Jack Wells who got his first dose at the vaccination bus said, “The main reason to get the vaccine is to not just protect myself but other people around me as well as it stops the virus from spreading and that’s what we need in this country.

“People my age wants to go on a holiday this year as we’ve been stuck in our houses for a long time, so get to the nearest station and get your vaccine today.”

His fellow teammate, international player, and first-team starter 30-year-old Kallum Watkins said: “The reason why I got my vaccine today is to protect myself, my family and people around me.

Ryan Lannon getting his jab. Image credit: Salford NHS CCG

“Another reason is about long Covid, as a rugby league player specially for the younger guys that are coming through, it’s important to recognise that and get their vaccines like the young fellows here today have done really well in terms of doing that so we encourage people to get their vaccines”

Tim Sandels, General Practitioner at Salford Red Devil’s club doctor and St Johns Medical Centre said:

“As government restrictions are easing in a few days, it is now important more than ever to get both doses of the Covid-19 vaccine to protect yourself and your loved ones as we roll back normality.”

He added: “A lot of young people are less interested because they feel that they are young, healthy, and feel that they are at low risk of dying from the disease.

Kallum Watkins getting his jab. Image credit: NHS Salford CCG

“There are several reasons why it is very important for every adult to get their vaccine.

“Every athlete trains hundreds and thousands of hours to improve their performance. Covid-19 infections have already been associated with damage to the heart and the lungs.

“Can you imagine working and training in all of those practice sessions only to see all of those gains lost to a preventable illness?”

Another important consideration for young adults to think about is the risk of bringing infections home to family members who might be at higher risk for severe disease.

Even though a person may have had the infection previously, they should still receive the vaccine to prevent from getting seriously ill and to prevent having long-term Covid symptoms.

All Salford residents over 18 years old, aged 16/17 years old and have an underlying health condition, or a carer either paid or unpaid can book their Covid-19 vaccine appointments here, or attend a walk-in clinic. NHS Salford Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) shares daily updates and details on walk-in clinics on their social media and their Covid-19 vaccine walk-in page.

The national booking system is also available for anyone to book or manage their appointment.

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