Due to coronavirus-related staff absences, a temporary reduced timetable for the Metrolink will be in place from this Friday, 6 August.

This is in addition to the ongoing complete shutdown of the Eccles line, with a replacement bus service operating until August 15.

However, daily delays have been occurring across the network because a large number of the staff are either off with coronavirus or self-isolating.

The Quays Road is now completely blocked by the works, forcing traffic from Furness Quay towards Trafford Road.

The temporary change will see trams run every 12-minutes across the network, with all available vehicles used to provide as much capacity as possible and ‘double’ trams operating along the busiest lines. Where possible, and subject to staff availability, additional services will run at the busiest times.

Image credit: Metrolink

It is expected that the reduced service will be in place throughout August, and Transport for Greater Manchester (TfGM) and KAM is working towards the reintroduction of more frequent services ahead of the return to school and the workplace in early September.

This is in addition to the ongoing complete shutdown of the Eccles line, with a replacement bus service taking the strain until August 15.

TfGM’s Head of Metrolink, Danny Vaughan, said: “I think everyone is aware that the ‘pingdemic’ is having a significant impact across multiple sectors, including transport.

“We have been working really hard to keep people moving, but the reality is staff absences are impacting services.

“Moving to a temporary 12-minute frequency will ensure we can operate a more reliable service and alleviate some of the pressure staff are under, which is extremely important for their own wellbeing.

“I’d like to reassure passengers we will add extra trams where we can and will be aiming to return to a more frequent service at the start of September. We’re sorry for any inconvenience this may cause but hope that our customers understand and bear with us at this time.”

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  1. owen hammond

    I hope the eventual public enquiry will find out how many coronavirus cases were the result of people having to travel with many others in confined spaces on “public” transport. In my opinion this option should have been shut down as soon as the scale of the epidemic became clear. What on earth is the point of forcing people to stay in their homes when the only way those without cars can do their essential shopping is to come out and travel on such incubators of the disease.

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