Families gathered in Salford’s Buile Hill Park to join a walk to promote mental health. 

Visit From The Stork CIC, an organisation that works to help vulnerable families within Salford, organised Sunday’s event.

Its support includes mother social groups, breastfeeding venues, and getting families of all shapes and sizes out and about. 

“Getting out and getting active has proven to have a positive effect on your mental health,” said Visit From The Stork CIC’s creative project assistant Kathryn Stock, 22, who organised the Walk For All to connect families during a time of increased loneliness and anxiety for the UK. “I wanted it to be for all the family.”

She said raising awareness of mental health was important because it had been taboo.

She said: “It should be very normal to turn around to someone and say ‘I am struggling at the minute’. Mental health should be treated in the same way as physical health.”

The organisation hopes that Visit From The Stork CIC can be that support network for families throughout Salford.

Residents looking to support the charity can buy from the ‘Stork Store’ that sells preloved items. All of the profits from the store go back into funding projects and helping local families. 

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