Salford Church

A member of the parish council for St. John’s Church, Mosley Common, says burglars who have repeatedly targeted the church are undermining the whole community.

The church has been severely damaged, following a series of break-ins, with a number of windows broken.

Nick Hardman, member of the parochial church council and part of the maintenance team, said:

“The church warden was really upset when we discovered the damage a few weeks ago before this because somebody threw a stone through and smashed the toilets.

Salford Church

“The building is used by other people, so not only are they damaging it for the church but they are damaging it for the whole of the community.

“We run a coffee morning, a cameo group which is basically come and meet everyone, there’s a parent and toddler group and walking groups.

“So, it’s really sad to see, that a small number of we believe teenagers, are carrying out this damage, when we are really trying to turn this into a community space.”

The damage includes several broken windows, a smashed toilet and spilled paint after someone tried breaking in through the cellar door.

Mr Hardman said: “The damage that has been done is primarily on the north side of church, where strangely we are just developing that land into a community garden.

“Only last week we’ve had the pass completed which runs from the housing development to the back through Mosley Common Road.

“And that space is then going to be developed into a woodland, wildlife and wellbeing garden for the community.”

The church is working with the police and local councillors to address the latest of the series of attacks over the previous 18 months.

The lasting effects of the pandemic have meant that the Church has struggled to repair thousands of pounds of damage and is relying on the community for financial help.

In the meantime, safety measures have been put into place to secure the building a little bit more and prevent further attacks.

Mr Hardman said: “Somebody in the community has set up a just giving page, which is lovely, it’s nothing that we’ve prompted.

“They obviously value the church as part of their community and have offered to raise some funds for us which is really good.

“And people are very generous and do give to the church but this on top is a major blow.”

More information about any church activities and the fundraiser can be found on the St. John Mosley Common community group.

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