Residents of Liverpool Road in Eccles say heavy goods vehicles are making their lives a misery, with noise and emissions a serious problem.

Residents in the area started a petition back in March to introduce a weight limit on the road due to the increasing number of HGVs but claims the council argues that traffic is within safe limits.

Martin Sharp, who lives on Liverpool Road, says: “The only way I can liken the road sometimes is to a motorway, a slow moving, motorway.”

“There is a lovely new road ready for all vehicles to use instead of using our road but the issue is our road is signposted and labelled on maps as the main way towards the M60.”

“We moved in knowing that it was a noisy road but thought the council had plans to reduce this.”


Residents say that a weight restriction would be an easy and cost effective way to reduce noise and air pollution in the residential area that they call home as there is an alternative route for heavy vehicles to take.

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Although the council have not given a statement regarding this issue, one resident claims: “I’ve had conversations with the council saying that the house is shaking, surely this isn’t safe, [however it is] really hard to get hold of them but when I actually did get hold of them, they just used several excuses.”

“The council claim that they have carried out several surveys in the area and the vibrations are within a safe limit”

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One resident who wishes to remain anonymous been forced to sell his family home after five years as a result of the high levels of noise and air pollution in the area, he says: “The house physically shakes due to Lorries going past.”

“I’m not joking, since me and my wife have lived here we have never been so unwell with chest infections from the pollution.”

“We were thinking about our daughter growing up and breathing in all of the toxic air.”

The noise pollution from the road can heard even during quieter hours of the day when there is less traffic because of the lack of trees to absorb the noise from the two lane carriageway.

The executive member for transport, Councillor Roger Jones commented: “Last week I notified a number of local residents that local Councillors have two meetings organised in October and early November with the relevant Salford Council officers and we will report back to them after that – probably before the 12 November.”

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