On October 28 the Halloween swim will return to Salford Quays.

This year’s Halloween swim will take place on Thursday 28 October, and Salford residents can book in time slots of 18:30, 19:00, or 19:30. Participants will be able to swim for as long as you feel comfortable, but the swim will end at approximately 20:15.

Image credit: Salford Watersports Centre

Speaking ahead of the event, Sam, who is an employee of Salford Watersports Centre, said: “It’s kind of like the end of the year because after we move onto the cold water swim, which then becomes the weekly swim, so it’s the last evening swim of the year.

Image credit: Salford Watersports Centre

“We have people coming in fancy dress, we decorate around the base and in the centre and stuff like that, then we make hot drinks and soups for people afterwards.

“It’s not for a specific event or specific charity. it’s just sort of an end of season swim for our open water swimmers.”

The event is solely for confident swimmers, who can swim for at least 300m, with the water temperature set to be around 12-14 degrees.

You can book on to the swim by clicking here.

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