Charities in Salford are appealing for donations of old winter coats.

Salford-based Rotary clubs and other charities have joined the national ‘Wrap Up UK’ campaign for the second time, after beginning their collection boxes in 2019.

The campaign has collection boxes around Salford for people to donate their old winter coats to those without.

Image retrieved from Facebook (used with Wrap Up Salford’s permission)

Mary Murphy, a member of Inner Wheel Club of Worsley, a Women’s association who have joined in the campaign said:

“This was one more thing that seemed to fit very well with their ethos, and when Inner Wheel heard about it, we thought we’d like to work also with the rotary clubs to make Wrap up Salford work.

“In 2019 we collected more than 3000 coats all donated by generous Salford people.”

There are numerous collection points across the city including Leisure Centres run by Salford Community Leisure Limited, Gateway buildings joint operated by the NHS and local authorities as well as Salford Schools and Churches.

Map Credit: Wrap Up Salford

Speaking of the schools’ involvement, Murphy, who is in her 70s said:

“It’s actually helping them understand that not everybody has an easy rise through life.

“Children instinctively share, I think. From a very early age, it’s a good thing to appreciate that it’s important to put something in, to give to others.

“People in Salford are very generous, and it’s all age groups.”

The coats collected go to the following Salford Charities:

  • Barnabus
  • Coffee4Craig
  • Lifeshare meals for Homeless People
  • Salford Loaves and Fishes
  • Saint Paul’s Church, Salford
  • Salvation Army Homeless Service
  • Street Treats
  • The Launch Project
  • Thomas


Image retrieved from Facebook (Used with Wrap Up Salford’s permission)

Coats that aren’t quite up-to-scratch, are sold as rags with the profits of the sale also being donated to charity.

You can see where to donate on the maps above, or by visiting:

Coat donations are running from October 25 to November 8 2021.

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