A Salford business owner is hosting a charity ball to raise funds and awareness for World Prematurity Day.

Nicola Orrell, mother of three and owner of Swinton media agency, Edison Media, has organised a local charity ball event to raise funds in line with World Prematurity day which is on Wednesday 16th November.

Twins Ava and Archie were born 15 weeks early which led to months of hospitalisation and has since inspired Nicola to make a difference for other families in the same position due to her own experience as a grandmother.

Edison Media Team, Credit: Gareth Lowe

Nicola said: “Being born so premature came with heart-breaking consequences and in the first 24 hours, we were asked to go and say goodbye to our little girl as they believed she wasn’t going to make it through the night.

“The road ahead was long, and we took every hour as it came. The twins required countless blood transfusions, continuous life support and round-the-clock care from the Neonatal Nurses.

“It quickly became apparent that the unit needed to update some of their essential equipment for all parents and we knew we wanted to help provide.”

Since her first-hand experience with the Royal Bolton Hospital NICU and Ronald McDonald House, Nicola has decided that all proceeds from the charity event will go towards both organisations.

With the proceeds from the event, Nicola hopes to create a more inviting experience for parents by providing more equipment, such as cold cots, so parents can spend more time with their baby.

Nicola said: “Unfortunately, Archie had caught the deadly NEC and we were quickly transferred to a surgical Level 4 NICU for emergency surgery.

“Here he underwent lifesaving surgery whilst his twin sister remained stable an hour away, being far from home and far from his twin, we wanted nothing more than to be by his side.

“The twins are now two, ready to celebrate their second Christmas and we cannot thank the staff at both Bolton NICU & RMCH Manchester enough for helping us getting through the most difficult time of our life.”

WORLD PREMATURITY DAY by Mia Duthil-Mcarthur

Nicola owns an independent media agency, Edison Media, based in Swinton and the business was established back in 2019.

It delivers media campaigns up and down the country with several clients based around Greater Manchester, such as Crime Stoppers, Regatta, and Manchester Grammar School.

Nicola said: “With over 55 years of collective experience within the team spanning across all media formats and environments.

“We know everything there is to be delivering successful media campaigns, and have the spark and energy needed to do so.

“Like our name suggests, we’re all about the bright ideas and making our clients shine their brightest.”

Edison Media Team, Credit: Gareth Lowe

The charity ball will be the second event organised by Nicola as she managed to raise £3,000 at a previous event that occurred in 2019. They aim to raise over £7,000 this month with an auction and a selection of raffle prizes.

The event will take place on Saturday November 20 at the Last Drop Village Hotel and Spa in Bolton.

To purchase tickets and learn more, click here.

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