Alex warren, who stood as a Liberal Democrat candidate in the May 2021 local elections, has called Salford Labour’s approach effort to tackling environmental issues as “Brushing issues under the carpet”.

The former liberal democrat candidate who failed to get a seat in this year’s local elections is part of the #cleanupthequays campaign to reduce the amount of litter and to reduce pollution in the Salford quays area.

Speaking about the current majority-Labour council in Salford and have the first elected mayor in the region Paul Dennett, Warren said: “it takes local government to act on it” and accused Labour of “Brushing issues under the carpet”

Support for the party declined following the 2010 coalition with the Cameron government, where tuition fees were trebled.

Salford Quays who only got its own councillors in 2021 due to a boundary change elected three labour councillors Ann- Marie Humphreys, Jake Rowland and Phil Tresadern.

The political activist also criticized the local governments failure to provide more green spaces and park, at a time when more office buildings and residential blocks are being built around the city.

One of the most recent the new green spaces being the redeveloped Salford sports pitches, near castle Irwell. Now a conservation site for wild birds known locally as Kersal Wetlands.

He said:” [They] don’t know how to build a city properly”.

The Liberal Democrat party in Salford have been slowly rebuilding their popularity after the party lost support following Nick Cleggs coalition government with David Cameron’s conservative party in 2010.

In 2016, the party failed to stand any candidates in the local elections.

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