Running Is Our Therapy, otherwise known as R.I.O.T, is a community running group which takes place in Salford.

They create 10 week programmes named “Couch to 5km” which invites people to get up from the couch and take part in a 5 kilometer jog.

Neal Ditchett is a run leader for the group. He joined just under two years ago.

Permission to use by Neal Ditchett and Becky Bottomore

“Since our retirement, me and the wife used to go to the gym but it was getting quite boring.

“We decided to join the group and did the couch to 5k, which then progressed to 5k races, 10k races and we’ve both competed in half marathons.”

In the UK, jogging is becoming more popular since lockdown as 63% of people say that it improves their mental health.

Jogging also has many more positive attributes which include the strengthening of muscles and also to maintain a healthy weight.

Here is an infographic which shows the popularity of jogging in the UK.




The couch to 5k run is available for anybody of any abilities to join no matter what age or gender.


permission to use by Neal Ditchett and Becky Bottomore.

“Some people want to do it for fitness, others because they could be overweight or have mental health issues and want to feel part of a group.”

The next Couch to 5k programme takes place on the 24th November at Buile Hill Park, Salford, every Wednesday at 18:30pm and every Friday at 09:30am.

Upon completion of the programme, competitors will receive a goodie bag which includes a medal, water bottle, certificate, granola bars and a bag for your trainers.

Mr Ditchett said ”Not everybody completes I must admit, as you might start off with 30 and if only 10 complete it then that’s incredible as they have had to commit to 10 weeks.

“To be honest me and the wife are probably the oldest members of the group and we love it, I don’t know what I’d do if we hadn’t been doing it.”

To attend the event contact Neal Ditchett or Becky Bottomore on Facebook for further information.



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