Three schemes have been approved by the city council which provide new affordable housing for the people of Salford.

The first development is being built on Chapel Street and is a nine-story block of apartments which will consist of 96 flats.

The site is located across from Salford Cathedral and will be between seven and nine stories in height.

Developers of the project, English City fund, said: “Chapel Street, once an area of vacant shops and low investment, is now a vibrant urban village.”

The second will be an apartment complex in Pendleton being built on Kiwi Street, which will provide 63 new homes and will replace a 17-storey tower which is in the process of being demolished.

Plans were submitted after it was concluded that the old site wouldn’t be suitable for creating efficient, high-quality housing.

John Warmisham, Pendleton and Charlestown councillor, said: “The loss of the 17-storey block was a huge concern, but when you look at what’s going to replace, I think it will be really good for the area.”

Salford Council approved the demolition of that current tower block in December 2020.

Credit: English Cities Fund

The final development located in Charlestown provides 21 houses and 24 flats and is being built on the former site of Cromwell secondary school for girls.

The council is delivering the properties in a partnership with the Broughton Trust, a charity that aspires to become a community-led housing association which will own the properties.

Deputy City Mayor Councillor, Tracy Kelly, lead member for housing, property and regeneration said: “Salford City Council remains absolutely committed to providing genuinely decent and affordable housing for our residents and helping people off our housing waiting list onto the path of becoming homeowners.

“This council development in partnership with the Broughton Trust is vitally needed in the city to help tackle our housing shortage but will also rejuvenate the area by building attractive and sustainable housing on a site that had become a local eyesore in recent years and preserve a piece of local listed heritage for further generations to enjoy.”

Salford councils planning panel voted to approve these three applications last Thursday and an additional development which would provide 177 homes on an eleven-acre site was postponed and will be re-evaluated in front of the council in December.

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