Edu-crate is a new enterprise that aims to provide fun and educational activities for children at a cheap price.

It provides a range of materials and activities mailed to your door in a compact and manageable crate

Credits: Judith Robertson
Contents of one of Edu-crate’s boxes

Judith Robertson, co-founder of Edu-crate, explained: “Edu-crate set up boxes for young children aged 3-8 of materials that we think will be fun but also educational.

“The boxes all include several activities which can be done either by the child on their own or the adult.

“There’s a leaflet with all the activities that explains how the child will develop through the activities and also how the parent can interact with the child to help them make progress.”

Credits: Judith Robertson
Judith Robertson, the founder behind Edu-crate

The family business was set it up by Judith, her son and daughter almost a year ago, and all  have invested in the business:

“We’re all three directors but I’m the one who does all the running about – the packing up of the boxes and taking them to the post.

“We set ourselves up exactly one year ago. We were very aware that children were struggling with their emotions and mental wellbeing due to the lockdowns that had happened and due to the fact they’re away from their own friends and away from a nursery or school environment. Emotionally they weren’t making progress and we felt that was important to address.

“I am an ex-teacher and ex-special needs coordinator and so am very aware of how important children’s emotional wellbeing is.”

The feedback so far has been “extremely positive”, Judith says:

“People who have purchased the boxes and used them have been extremely positive about them.

“Their children have loved the activities, they’ve enjoyed playing with the children and interacting with them in a positive way. They’ve known what to do and what to say with a little bit of guidance from our information leaflet included in each box.”

Even on their website, the reviews that have been left are glowing. One user left: ‘A fantastic idea. We’re all looking for ways to inspire out kids and get them away from their screens. Keep up the good work. I can’t wait to see your future products’.

Credits: Judith Robertson

Judith is incredibly invested in the success of their business. She’s gone so far as to joining a charity that provides mentorship to women starting out businesses, this provides help and support on how to further improve Edu-crate:

“Somebody outside the business advising you is really helpful – specifically someone who is more objective.

“It’s extremely useful to have someone with that knowledge.”

Judith is optimistic about the future of Edu-crate and has plans to introduce the product across nurseries and schools over the coming years:

“We’d like to have more sales. We’d also like to have an inroad into schools and nurseries.

“Covid has restricted us in that because the ideal would be that we are able to take our product and show people but we’ve not been able to go into nurseries and schools to do that.

“I think that seeing something in person is a lot better than it online.”

For people wanting to find out more about pricing and availability, Edu-crate have a Facebook page at (17) Edu-crate | Facebook

Alternatively their website can be found at Edu-crate Ltd.

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