Henry Normal, one of the greats of British comedy and the performing arts is coming to Salford during his next tour.

The writer, poet, TV and film producer will be at the Lowry Theatre on the 17th April next year, as part of his new tour ‘The Escape Plan’.

April 17th won’t be the first time that Henry has performed in Salford, as the Lowry was the last gig he performed before the spring lockdown of 2020.

Henry wrote a poem especially for the occasion:


L.S.Lowry painted under Salford skies
landscapes of tender gloom
and northern portraits so good the pies
seem to follow you round the room.”


Henry added: ” I’ve played Salford several times over the years and once picked up John Cooper Clarke to take him to a gig.

“I arrived at his house which was next to a cemetery at 3.30pm in the afternoon. John got out of bed and had a custard cream for his breakfast. He was living the dream.”

Henry defines himself as a poet, he comments: “a poet who can be funny.”

“These attributes are not as mutually exclusive as some might suggest. JCC, Lemn Sissay, John Hegley, Hovis Presley, Wendy Cope, Elvis Magonagall and others have all succeeded brilliantly.” he adds.

Credit-Richard Davis

As far as defining his career goes, Henry cannot pick a favourite moment, “all the others would be jealous.

“I’ve been paid to work with many of the funniest people in the country, I’m hoping my most memorable moment will be ahead of me.”

Henry is hopeful for the artform currently, saying: “Comedy in many forms is alive and well throughout the world and parts of Peterborough…

“If Bezos and Branson continue their exploits then I can see satire branching into outer space.

When pressed about where comedy is going in the future Henry quips: “Well, certainly to Salford on the 16th April at the Lowry.”

To learn about Henry Normal, visit his website here

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