Salford Now’s Courtney Davies went into Salford, asking Salfordians for their opinion on the comeback of mandatory wearing of masks in shops and on public transport.

Shoppers and Tram riders gave their views on the controversial topic.

Those in favour, say ‘aye’

“I think wearing masks on the tram and in shops is a good idea, the pandemic has not gone, it would allow us to be on the safe side. It is not 100% helpful, but it is better than nothing”, said one.

Another agreed: “I believe it is a good idea, it is good to be careful especially with this new variant going around.

“I think it should be a warning to a lot of indoor spaces to wear them.”

However, not everybody shared the same sentiment.

Walking around The Lowry, Davies found that there were more people not wearing their masks than who had opted to wear one whilst still optional.

Those who disagree, say ‘no’

One reveler disagreed, saying: “I don’t agree with it whatsoever, there is scientific proof that masks do not work.

“This social distancing does not work. I think we should just let people get out, get on with life.”

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What are the new rules?

From Tuesday the 30th December 2021, wearing masks on public transport and in shops will become compulsory once again.

In the past week, the first detected cases of the newly discovered Omicron variant of the Coronavirus hit the United Kingdom.

The rapidly evolving situation means that precautions have been put in place before the spread becomes a threat.

As the particulars surrounding the new variant are yet to be confirmed, Prime Minister Boris Johnson has advised masks to be mandatory in crowded social spaces such as public transportation and shops.

Hospitality is exempt from the ruling.

Public response

One person we spoke to said: “I am fine with it, I have one in my hand at the moment and I am ready to go.

“I think it would be easier if everyone just wears them all the time and we knew exactly where we stood.”

Another shared the same view: “I am fine with it.

“It is a good idea, it keeps everything open and it enables people to go out and do things.”

Rules in schools

Another announced rule by the Education Union is to extend the rules on mask-wearing in schools.

Following the emergence of the new variant, it is now recommended that teachers and high-school pupils in England should take two face coverings into school in England.

Also, people including schoolchildren who test positive for the new variant will have to self isolate for 10 days, even if they are double vaccinated.

What is your opinion on masks coming back?

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