Salford charity Home Instead is encouraging people to buy a gift for lonely seniors this Christmas.

This can be done through their “Santa to a senior” scheme which sends donated gifts to elderly people living on their own.

Image credit: Katherine Dinsdale

Charity recruiter Mel Looby said: “It’s for the vulnerable in the area so everyone has something to open on Christmas day.

“Everyone’s been so good at giving, just reach out to somebody.

“If you know somebodies living on their own whether it’s a neighbour or someone else, let them come in for Christmas dinner.” Let them come in for Christmas dinner

Image credit: Katherine Dinsdale

Home instead is a charity that helps elderly people in Salford that still want to live independently.

Over half a million older people in Britain find themselves lonely at Christmas according to age UK.

This may be because they have recently been widowed or do not have family nearby.

Carol Renshaw who is a caregiver in Salford said: “They’re lonely and they might not be getting any presents over Christmas.

“There are a few ladies that I’ve been to that just don’t go out anymore.

The charity has a target of 500 small gifts that can be donated at their stall outside Swinton ASDA.

They hope this will help combat loneliness for elderly people who will not be receiving presents this Christmas.

75-year-old Arthur Jenkins said “I don’t really look forward to Christmas because I don’t have any family that live nearby.

“It’s really a time for families and not for people on their own, so I normally try and sleep in a lot.

“To be honest with you, I’m glad when its over.”

It’s really a time for families and not for people on their own

Lockdown has increased the number of elderly people feeling lonely.

This is highlighted more at Christmas when everything is shut and normal routines are disrupted.

People who would like to donate should visit their stall in Swinton which is there from 10am-3pm most days.

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