Floating Earth

The Lightwaves Festival, on show in Salford Quays, has been closed for much of the last week due to torrential rain and wind.

“Floating Earth”, which measures 10 metres in diameter, deflated on Saturday and has not been on display since.

However, it was reinflated this afternoon and will remain in the Quays until Sunday.

A workman who helped reinstate the globe said: “the weather forecast going forward for next weekend is good so we went to re-inflate it”.

Artist Luke Jerram created the piece after receiving commission from Quays Culture who were supported by both Salford City and Wigan councils.

It was recently displayed in Pennington Flash, Leigh, before moving to the Quays.

The public has reacted warmly to the exhibit so far.

You can find out more information about the festival here.

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